JKT48 profile~ Team J~


JKT48 is Indonesian idol group, also the first overseas sister group of AKB48 from Japan. This group is producered by Yasushi Akimoto the same as AKB48.

Member Profiles

Current Members~

Team J

What is Team J? Team J is the first team of JKT48. From the alphabetic on the name of JKT48, first is team J, second is team K, and later the third team is team T.


akichaName: Aki Takajo

Birthday: 3 Oktober 1991

Blood: B

Height: 166,5 cm

Nickname: Akicha

Twitter: @AkiTakajoJKT48







Name: Ayana Shahab

Birthday: 3 Juni 1997

Blood: O

Horoscope: Gemini

Height: 154cm

Nickname: A-chan

Twitter: @achanJKT48






Name: Beby Chaesara Anadila

Birthday: 18 Maret 1998

Blood: B

Horoscope: Pisces

Height: 160cm

Nickname: Beby

Twitter: @bebyJKT48






Name: Cindy Gulla

Birthday: 29 Mei 1997

Blood: O

Horoscope: Gemini

Height: 149cm

Nickname: Candy

Twitter: @cindyJKT48






Name: Delima Rizky

Birthday: 25 Oktober 1997

Blood: B

Horoscope: Scorpio

Height: 158cm

Nickname: Pilong

Twitter: @delimaJKT48






Name: Devi Kinal Putri

Birthday: 2 Januari 1996

Blood: A

Horoscope: Capricorn

Height: 162cm

Nickname: Kinal

Twitter: @kinalJKT48

Position: Current Captain





Name: Diasta Priswarini

Birthday: 9 September 1991

Blood: O

Horoscope: Virgo

Height: 165cm

Nickname: Nyash

Twitter: @diastaJKT48






Name: Frieska Anastasia Laksani

Birthday: 4 Maret 1996

Blood: O

Horoscope: Pisces

Height: 157cm

Nickname: Tasya

Twitter: @frieskaJKT48






Name: Gabriela Margareth Warouw

Birthday: 11 April 1998

Blood: O

Horoscope: Aries

Height: 161cm

Nickname: Gaby

Twitter: @gabyJKT48






Name: Ghaida Farisya

Birthday: 29 Mei 1995

Blood: B

Horoscope: Gemini

Height: 159cm

Nickname: Farish

Twitter: @ghaidaJKT48





harukaName: Haruka Nakagawa

Birthday: 10 Februari 1992

Blood: O

Height: 160 cm

Nickname: Haruka

Twitter: @HarukaN_JKT48







Name: Jessica Vania

Birthday: 22 Januari 1996

Blood: O

Horoscope: Aquarius

Height: 154cm

Nickname: Jeje

Twitter: @jcvanJKT48






Name: Jessica Veranda

Birthday: 19 Agustus 1993

Blood: O

Horoscope: Leo

Height: 164cm

Nickname: Vey

Twitter: @veJKT48






Name: Melody Nurramdhani Laksani

Birthday: 24 Maret 1992

Blood: O

Horoscope: Aries

Height: 150cm

Nickname: Melo

Twitter: @melodyJKT48






Name: Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia

Birthday: 11 November 1999

Blood: B

Horoscope: Scorpio

Height: 148cm

Nickname: Ayu-chin

Twitter: @nabilahJKT48






Name: Rena Nozawa

Birthday: 6 Mei 1998

Blood: B

Horoscope: Taurus

Height: 166cm

Nickname: Rena-Chan

Twitter: @renaJKT48






Name: Rezky Wiranti Dhike

Birthday: 22 November 1995

Blood: B

Horoscope: Scorpio

Height: 155cm

Nickname: Ikey

Twitter: @dhikeJKT48






Name: Rica Leyona

Birthday: 19 Agustus 1991

Blood: O

Horoscope: Leo

Height: 152cm

Nickname: Riyo

Twitter: @ricaJKT48






Name: Sendy Ariani

Birthday: 12 Agustus 1993

Blood: A

Horoscope: Leo

Height: 152cm

Nickname: Sendy

Twitter: @sendyJKT48






Name: Shania Junianatha

Birthday: 27 Juni 1998

Blood: B

Horoscope: Cancer

Height: 163cm

Nickname: San-ju

Twitter: @shaniaJKT48






Name: Sonia Natalia

Birthday: 17 Desember 1997

Blood: O

Horoscope: Sagitarius

Height: 151cm

Nickname: Sonia

Twitter: @soniaJKT48






Name: Sonya Pandarmawan

Birthday: 18 Mei 1996

Blood: A

Horoscope: Taurus

Height: 152cm

Nickname: Panda

Twitter: @sonyaJKT48




Name: Stella Cornelia

Birthday: 3 November 1994

Blood: O

Horoscope: Scorpio

Height: 155cm

Nickname: Stella

Twitter: @stellaJKT48








Some JKT48’s picture



JKT48 performance

JKT48 at Japan







~~Profiles source: http://www.jkt48.com


3 thoughts on “JKT48 profile~ Team J~”

  1. hi..! i happen to shoot pictures of jkt48 performances (unofficially). you can see the pics at motretjkt48 at tumblr, or click on my name. i hope you like the pics. cheers!

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